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equirement in the 21 st Century is more tight, difficult and competitive, it is because the boundary in the global getting transparent. The impact is not only to the country, but also to the business. In the business, the investment will be tighter and should be as lowest as possible; this is to ensure that the investment cost will give benefit to the long term business. Construction is one of area that involve in the investment, and this area also impacted by Globalization era.

PT. SUPRA SURYA INDONESIA is one of General Contractor that involved in the Construction in Indonesia and the Company has established since 9 July 1980 in Surabaya and has experience in design, fabrication (tanks, steel structure, machinery and electrical components), construction and equipment installation. The Company is lead by professional President Director who has experience in construction and supported by board of Directors and Managers who are expert in design & engineering, fabrication, supply chain, project management and business development. In the Company organization, safety and quality department has big role to ensure that all the design, fabrication, construction and equipment installation are safe and meet the quality standard.

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